Obscura Studios offer comprehensive services for personal, professional and group photography. Couples, groups and businesses are welcome to reach out to us for services for events, special occasions or just because. We work engagements ranging from an hour to several days and multiple locations, and provide a collection guaranteed to exceed expectations.


Celebrating your relationship with a photo shoot? Hooray! Capturing memories for the next family reunion? We’d love to meet your family! Want to frame some adorable pictures of your favorite furry friends? Then we’ll bring the treats! We perform broad services for individual and group sessions, and are happy to make arrangements to suit. Afterward, we meet for a proofing session, wherein we will show you our work. Then we can discuss any finer points of the finished product that you would like. Finally, we talk about specialized editing, post production and printing packages.


Obscura Studios are available for any private or commercial event. We can travel out of the state for full/multi-day commissions, and service multiple locations. After we discuss the details of the commission, we will make a plan and reach out to you. Depending on the commission, we may hire an assistant or two, which will be interviewed and hired with the highest standards. Specifics, including time, number and format of finished photos to be discussed per-contract. As per any contract, we offer proofing sessions, secondary edits, and a full suite of special post production and printing options. Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed, unless otherwise agreed upon.