Obscura Studios is a local design and photography firm based in Madison, WI. Here, we apply creativity, training and experience to provide clients with world-class products. We are part of a vibrant, diverse community and look forward to growing with it.  We have offered services that span the design and photography spectrums to businesses and peoples in the Dane County area and beyond since 2010. In that time, we have developed close ongoing relationships with several local businesses.

With regard to design, we offer many services including Logos, Packaging & Printed Goods, Branding & Identity, Business Cards, Apparel, Merch, Web & Social Media, Marketing Coordination, Networking Services and more.

Our personal photography services are among the finest offered, with a focus on creativity and a natural approach. What happens between the clicks of a shutter tells more of a story than a forced smile ever could. We do our best to capture that story, bring out its best qualities and give it back to you.