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Design Services



Obscura Studios is a local design and photography firm based in Madison, WI. Here, we apply creativity, training and experience to provide clients with world-class products. We are part of a vibrant, diverse community and look forward to growing with it.  We have offered services that span the design and photography spectrums to businesses and peoples in the Dane County area and beyond since 2010. In that time, we have developed close ongoing relationships with several local businesses.

With regard to design, we offer many services including Logos, Packaging & Printed Goods, Branding & Identity, Business Cards, Apparel, Merch, Web & Social Media, Marketing Coordination, Networking Services and more.

Our personal photography services are among the finest offered, with a focus on creativity and a natural approach. What happens between the clicks of a shutter tells more of a story than a forced smile ever could. We do our best to capture that story, bring out its best qualities and give it back to you.

Fine Art

Our photographer is a creative individual that is constantly pursuing the finer points of the medium. When he isn’t working, he’s still holding his camera, and always learning. The result of this obsession is a broad portfolio of fine art photography  which is available to the public.

Did you see something on this site that catches your eye? Do you just needed to see in your home, framed and mounted? We are more than happy to discuss the print, matting and framing of nearly anything. We can provide prints in nearly any size from 4×6 to 18×24 for as little as $15 for a straight, unmatted print. Please email with regards to the details of your request.

Alternatively, many more examples of photography are available on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Group/Event Photography

Obscura Studios offer comprehensive services for personal, professional and group photography. Couples, groups and businesses are welcome to reach out to us for services for events, special occasions or just because. We work engagements ranging from an hour to several days and multiple locations, and provide a collection guaranteed to exceed expectations.


Celebrating your relationship with a photo shoot? Hooray! Capturing memories for the next family reunion? We’d love to meet your family! Want to frame some adorable pictures of your favorite furry friends? Then we’ll bring the treats! We perform broad services for individual and group sessions, and are happy to make arrangements to suit. Afterward, we meet for a proofing session, wherein we will show you our work. Then we can discuss any finer points of the finished product that you would like. Finally, we talk about specialized editing, post production and printing packages.


Obscura Studios are available for any private or commercial event. We can travel out of the state for full/multi-day commissions, and service multiple locations. After we discuss the details of the commission, we will make a plan and reach out to you. Depending on the commission, we may hire an assistant or two, which will be interviewed and hired with the highest standards. Specifics, including time, number and format of finished photos to be discussed per-contract. As per any contract, we offer proofing sessions, secondary edits, and a full suite of special post production and printing options. Privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed, unless otherwise agreed upon.


Obscura Studios perform inclusive and specialized portraiture services for individuals and couples including head shots, engagement sessions, and special staged photography. As needed, we are available for a wide range of time, multiple locations or costumes. We will discuss the details of your vision via any means you wish, and make a plan.


Our goal is to make your session as perfect and personal to you as we can. We will discuss everything from timing to weather to locations. Do you have a backup plan if it rains? Let’s work on one. Do you want to change and try a different outfit/costume? We’re here for you. Do you want to shoot in multiple locations? Different sessions or different days? Let’s talk about that. After we iron out the details for the sessions, we discuss the editing schedule, which can vary from session to session. Next, we will talk about specialized editing, post production and printing packages. Finally, we meet for the session.


We are available for a ~1-hour session anywhere in Dane county. More time or complexity for a sessions yields a bigger map and more options. Any level of formality is a reasonable request. Any time of day or night is on our schedule. After we part ways, we will keep in touch regularly to let you know we’re working hard to make you happy.


Editing is a time consuming process, and we do our best to be as quick, efficient and effective as possible. Most sessions only require 4-6 weeks of editing to reach the proofing stage, and we will be in contact with regard to that time frame. After a short time we will provide you with a proofing gallery, or meet with you in person to show you where we are. Next, we will discuss any secondary edits that you would like to see, as well as any finishing options for the images and their packaging, presentation or printing. We want to give you something special, something that you will be able to look at and remember forever.

Let us make your day perfect!


This is your special day, and we want to help you create memories that will last forever. We offer event counseling and several practice sessions, engagement sessions, multiple costumes/locations. post-session viewing and proofing galleries. All of our packages and options include specialized post-production work, and we offer accompanying print packages to suit.

This is your day. Let us make it perfect.

Weddings are a big deal. And nobody wants the same thing- We all have the right to feel special, and do what’s right for us. As such, wedding packages vary greatly in price and expectation, so let’s discuss any and all plans in detail before we settle a package or rate.
That being said, We are very flexible. Want different locations? We can do that. Just want the ceremony to be covered? No problem. Would you like to get lots of angles and coverage of the bride and groom during your special day? We’ll hire an assistant. What if we follow you through your entire day, from when you step out of your room till you leave for the airport on your honeymoon? We might need a lunch break. Want us to photograph your family and friends too? We were gonna do that anyway.

It’s the first day of the rest of your life.

Let’s make some memories.

Design Services

Obscura Studios offer design services, too! We offer comprehensive counseling during every contract to ensure that we are able to give you the design that you envision for your enterprise. Communication is the key to understanding, and we strive to maintain an active dialogue. We also provide work-in-progress periodically to ensure we are on the correct path, providing a product that will exceed all expectations.

Web Design

We are also well-versed in web-based services. Including Galleries, Personal and Portfolio sites we also offer Commercial site Creation/Maintenance and E-Commerce Solutions. Additionally, we can provide Creation/Maintenance of Vendor Site Accounts(etsy, etc.), Creation/Maintenance of Social Media Accounts(FB, Twitter, etc..) Web Advertising and SEO.

Print Design

Our print services vary widely, including Branding and Networking, Print Advertisements and Product Packaging. Packaging is an extension of your brand identity. Every product you present to the world must be packaged in a way that suits your identity, projects an image an the product’s intent, and pleases the customer functionally and visually. We can provide that service, and at a competitive rate.


The identity of your enterprise is a cornerstone of its future. Let us help you show the world who you are and where you are going. We will take the time to learn as much about you as we can. Then, we will use that knowledge to provide a professional identity that mirrors your personal goals.

Let’s start working together.

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